"Keitha Story-Stephenson is a valuable resource to our Final Touch Finishing School team. She does an amazing job bringing every topic she teaches to life. Students of every age love her interactive, hands-on approach and they are always left wanting more. Her rich and diverse background, sense of humor, and ability to meet her audience right where they are, make her a first class act."

Deborah King, President
Final Touch Finishing School

"I really did enjoy your session in West Virginia at the Southern States Correctional Conference. Thanks so much and I look forward to 
working with you on the possible speaking engagement in Mississippi."

Marsha Luanne England, Director
Policy, Planning, Research & Evaluation
Mississippi Department of Corrections

"I am not lying when I say that your presentation on Tuesday was the most informative and entertaining session that I have encountered. Your knowledge of the subject material was astounding and you presentation skills made the 2+ hours seem like just minutes. "

Tom Dailer, Project Manager
National Corrections & Law Enforcement Training and Technology Center