We provide services that will improve the quality of your daily life!

Seminars and Program Development – What We Can Do For You

Our informational Seminars and Programs are developed to improve daily life and regain health. Programs are available for all ages, and available for groups or individuals.  Custom developed materials as well as complimentary products are available to encourage your health and wellness quest.

Hands-on instruction is the favored approach for the most impact on the learner.  All programs are interactive and enjoy class participation activities.

Our most popular Programs are Nutritional Training, Effective Stress Management, Time Management and Goal Setting.

Here is a listing of our current Programs:

  • Stress Management through Nutritional Choices:  Seminar on food choices as they affect stress control
  • Effective Time Management:  Developing a 25 hour a day productive schedule. How best to juggle home, work and private scheduling
  • Portion Control - Changing Your Daily Plan: Instruction in controlling daily consumption for regaining health
  • Stress Management Skills: Interactive approach in developing skill tools for career and private stress management
  • Motivation Therapy 101: Inspiring and motivational  presentation for increasing productivity
  • Women's Occupational Workshop: Motivational program for returning women to the workforce
  • Power Surge Potential: Motivational program for women baby boomers. Help with those "private summer" moments.   
  • Nutrition Training 101
  • Know Stress: Seminar on the understanding and managing of stress in home and work environments

Custom Programs can also be developed upon request.  Please contact us for more information.