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Dorm Dining 101
by Keitha Story-Stephenson, Ph.D.

Teens going off to college? Moving out for the first time? Living a busy lifestyle? This booklet gives insight and guidance in making better food choices that will result in health and strength.

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Famous Mineral Water Co., Mineral Wells, Texas

Natural mineral water with amazing health benefits!
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Portion Control -or- What You See is What You Eat Syndrome
by Keitha Story-Stephenson, Ph.D.

This is a user friendly workbook-styled guide to learning Portion Control and applying it to your daily life. Learn to avoid “The What You See Is What You Eat Syndrome”.

The Art of Brave Living

By Diane Cunningham. Includes Story By Keitha Story-Stephenson, Ph.D.

The Art of Brave Living takes us through the stories of remarkable women who found their brave. These stories aren’t about one journey, but a lifetime of choices and decisions that empower them with strength and purpose. They help us see that each time we meet life’s challenges head on with dignity and grace, even if we’re in tears, we mastering the art of brave living. Their stories inspire us to recognize and embrace the brave that stands before us in every decision we make.

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